Jacuzzi Pool Filters

You’ll also be glad to know that the Jacuzzi J345 comes with the ProClear water management system that allows you to jump into your Jacuzzi at a moments notice no matter what time of the day thanks to it’s advanced filtration. Other cool features include calf-massaging jets, a ergonomic diverter knob, an optional aquasound stereo complete with an MP3 jack and a high intensity spa lighting package.

Some other stuff you may be interested to know about the Jacuzzi J345 before you go out and purchase one is that it has 5-6 seats (meaning up to 6 adults can sit in it comfortably at once), it’s got a total of 27 PowerPro jets, it uses 458 gallons (or 1,734 liters) of water and it’s size dimensions are: 84” x 84” x 36”. You can find the Jacuzzi J345 in a huge range of colors including Platinum, Graphite, Cobalt, Desert Sand, Sahara, Silver Pearl and Opal. Different Cabinetry designs are also available in three cool styles – Autumn Red, Silverwood and Roasted Chestnut. If you are worried about power consumption the Jacuzzi J345 is actually relatively cheap compared to many other hot tub models. It will only cost you around $10-$25 a month depending on how often you run your Jacuzzi and to what temperature you set it.

Hopefully all of this information has helped you to decide whether or not to buy a Jacuzzi – remember you have the choice to buy online or you might just prefer to go to an actual offline Jacuzzi dealership, the choice is yours!

Jacuzzi Pool Filters
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