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Jacuzzi Pool Pumps actually make the Jacuzzi into what it is. Without these pumps you have no water jets to massage you and you are left with a simple bathtub, slightly larger and filled with water that is doing nothing for your relaxation. The following article will focus on explaining how these pumps work and where you can purchase one if your current one ever fails.

First of all I have to explain how Jacuzzi Pool Pumps work. There are actually two types of pumps, the ones that simply power the water jets that massage your back and the more powerful ones that actually allow you to swim in a confined space. Now, you would imagine that the swimming ones are expensive and because we are actually talking about a simple, normal Jacuzzi, we are going to talk about the water jet pumps.

All you need for a working Jacuzzi is one pump to power as many as 40 jets at one time. Jacuzzi Pool Pumps are simple devices, with an electric motor, a water turbine and a housing, usually made from high strength plastic composite materials. The pump also comes with a speed controller in some cases to make sure that you can control the amount of water flowing through the jets. You also have a couple valves that help you control in which group of water jets the water is sent to. It would be a waste of energy if you were alone in the hot tub and you would have not choice but to power all the jets continuously.

Jacuzzi pool pumps are usually hidden beneath the skirting of the hot tub and you will never see or hear one during the time you spend in the tub. These pumps are designed to be as silent as possible, which is why they actually use a larger turbine turning at a lower speed. It is a similar approach to that of fans. You give it a large propeller and slower RPM to make it as silent as possible while maintaining the same flow of either liquid or gas.

Jacuzzi pool pumps also come in a lot of configurations and sizes, and of course, a lot of different price tags. This means that you have a lot of options when purchasing one of these pumps and I can tell you that the cheapest option you have is the 300 dollar mark. The most expensive option is around 1200 dollars designed for the largest hot tubs. In any case, it is good to know that you have options when purchasing something, and in this case you really do. I think I have even come across some salvaged units that were in perfect working order costing around 140 dollars and those, I think, are a pretty smart investment as well. It is up to you decide.

In the end, I can say that Jacuzzi pool pumps usually come with the hot tub, and you only have to think about purchasing one if you want to construct you own hot tub or if the pump in your Jacuzzi has failed.


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